Scope of Services

AssociationsFirst (AF) is a full-service association management company specializing in providing senior management, administration and support services to associations, foundations and other non-profit organizations. In business since 1970, AF follows best practices and standards in-line with the Canadian Society of Association Executives Not-For-Profit Management Competencies and adheres to the Association Executive Code of Conduct.

Office Administration

Financial Management

Board, Committee and AGM Management

Membership Recruitment

Membership Retention

Member Certification
& Accreditation Management

Marketing, Communication
& Public Relations

Educational Programming Oversight & Management

Conference & Event Planning

Project Management

Policy & Procedure Development

Legislative & Regulatory Compliance

Website Maintenance

Creation of New Project Initiatives

Strategic Planning Oversight

This list of services are overseen by the CEO and President Perry Ruehlen, with support from the AF management team.


Each association client comes to AF with unique needs and we work with their board of directors to ensure the slate of services required is met at the highest level of excellence. Our mission, Excellence in Association Management, is at the forefront of everything we do. Services are provided on a customized as-needed basis, for example membership or communications, or the full slate of association requirements.